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Covid-19 Saftey Measures

Lauren Haith School of Dance takes the safety of our students as absolutely paramount and as such we are following government guidelines and enforcing a number of measures so we can insure the safest possible environment for our students and staff.

After such a long period of being confined to our homes and kept away from the studio it is important to enable a safe return so we can keep our minds and bodies active!


As such, I have adapted and added some new and exciting classes to the timetable. 

Covid 19 Measures

Arrival and collection:


  • Face masks/coverings: the updated guidance on face coverings means that adults and children aged 12 years and older are required to wear a mask/face covering (unless a medical condition prevents this) upon entering and moving around the Greenwood Centre. Once students are in the hall, they may remove their mask for exercise.

  • Children will need to arrive changed for class outdoor layers can be worn over the top of the ballet kit but please make sure these are easy for your child to remove and put back on. The teacher or assistant will be on hand to help the young students if needed (and will wear PPE during any assistance.)

  • Parents/Guardians will not be allowed into the building unless your child is under the age of three or a special circumstance arises e.g. severe separation anxiety. These cases will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. If you are needed to stay on site you will be taken into the studio where you will have a designated area to sit, please do not move your chair as they have been spaced out carefully to maintain social distancing. Please also make sure you remain quite within the studio so as not to distract the class. As noted in the face mask section above, if waiting indoors you will need a face mask/face covering.

  • When dropping off you will need to line up along the left-hand side of the pavement. Please make sure you maintain social distancing when queuing and that you do not block the pavement or entrance to the building. The teacher or assistant will meet you at the front of the building to take the students temperature and lead them into class to their designated spot.

  • Temperature checks will be taken with a temperature gun upon arrival to ensure each student does not have a temperature. If students have a temperature that indicates they are unsafe they will not be able to participate in the class.

  • Punctuality Please make sure you are lining up for your class/child's class 5 minutes before the start time so it allows us the time to safely register and swap over the students safely, it is very important we are strict with the timings for the safety of the students and minimal disruption.

  • When picking up the children you will need to line up along the right-hand side of the pavement. Please make sure you maintain social distancing when queuing and that you do not block the pavement or entrance to the building. The teacher or assistant will meet you at the front of the building to safely return the students to you. 



In class:

  • Props I have made individual prop bags for the students so there won’t be any issues relating to sharing or cleaning equipment. Each student will have a labelled bag with the required props for their lessons in the bag. I will keep and store the prop bags between lessons.

  • Barre each student will receive a designated spot at the barre appropriately distanced. The barre will be cleaned before and after every class.

  • Floor work Please bring an exercise or yoga mat to class. Information on where these can be purchased is included in the uniform section of the website. This ensure the area yourself or your child is sat on is clean and will help with our social distancing measures. Most classes involve floor work, but if you are not sure whether your child will be doing floor work please get in touch.

  • Spacing in the studio will be planned in advance and I will be using coloured spots to mark out the space in the studio so the students are aware of their dancing space and help us socially distance.

  • Toilets will be operating on a one in one out basis. All students under the age of 10 will be accompanied to and from the toilet. Antibacterial spray will be in the toilets for the students (or assistant, when the child is to young) to spray and wipe the toilet before use. Students are required to wash their hands thoroughly after using the toilet.


  • Hall Cleaning the hall will be cleaned thoroughly by the hall before and after every booking

  • The teacher or assistant will be cleaning high contact areas regularly between every class, or in class where needed, door handles, Ballet Barres, chairs and floor spots.

  • Antibacterial stations throughout the centre, students will be required to anti bac when moving through the building (please make me aware if yourself or child have a skin condition that would prevent this)

  • Close top bins will be situated throughout the building to safely dispose of tissues, disposable masks etc.

Lauren Haith School of Dance Staff:

All LHSD teachers are fully qualified and registered teachers with clean DBS checks, first aid and safeguarding training. All staff are also up to date with government guidance around covid-19 measures within education/children’s activities.  Our staff will be required to regularly temperature check and follow all government guidance with regards to displaying symptoms and rules and advice on what to do if you come into contact with anyone displaying symptoms. Our staff will regularly wash hands/ sanitise including between classes and will be wearing PPE when social distance measures might be harder to maintain e.g. when collecting and dropping off students, during toilet trips, when helping younger students with clothing. Individual members of staff will have the right to choose if they teach in PPE once the students have been appropriately spaced.

In the case of a nationwide or local lockdown:

If we are unable to provide in person classes due to an enforced lockdown or are required to self-isolate due to somebody in the class coming into contact with somebody with Covid-19 we will continue to teach the timetabled lessons on Zoom and will not be able to offer a refund.

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