• Nursery Ballet

    Age 2.5 - 4

    Nursery Ballet is the perfect introduction to a lifetime of dance! The Nursery Ballet syllabus focuses on a creative, fun, interactive and inclusive approach for boys and girls aged 2 and a half to 4 years.

    Each class teaches students the foundations of ballet through the use of imagination and story telling. Nursery Ballet develops co-ordination, strength and motor skills. Music and props are used to to help engage students on their creative journey.

  • Reception Ballet

    Age 4 - 5

    Reception Ballet is a continuation from Nursery Ballet and builds on the foundations of Ballet through a creative framework. Children learn through storytelling, character and imagination-led classes that develop their technique further.

    Like Nursery Ballet, Reception Ballet focuses on making lessons fun and engaging. It is open to all children 4 - 5 years old, and does not require them to have already taken Nursery Ballet. 

    Reception Ballet aids co-ordination, builds strength and develops motor skills whilst building on the vocabulary learned at nursery level. Children will learn to use props, attend to the music they are hearing, and express themselves through dance.

  • Pre-Primary and Primary in Dance

    Age 5 - 6

    Pre-Primary in Dance and Primary in Dance are specially designed RAD syllabi for children aged 5 years and up. These two syllabi continue our focus on creativity and enjoyment while developing technique. The use of interactive music, props and a broadening dance vocabulary are used to aid the child in building their sense of technique, musicality and performance.

    In the Pre-Primary and Primary in Dance we also start to see a focus on memory recall and learning settings to help children prepare for the end-of-syllabus exam.

    At these levels students have the option to take a presentation class or an exam where they can receive a medal and certificate to mark their achievements.

  • RAD Grades 1-8

    Age 7 +

    The RAD graded system is designed to provide children with a strong foundation in classical ballet encompassing the more complex vocabulary and settings. As children progress through the grades they draw on their expanding classical repertoire and musicality to progress and achieve.


    The RAD graded system provides a broad practical dance education and develops technical, musical and performance skills to ​motivate and reward students of all ages and abilities.

    For RAD Grades 1-8 students have the option to take class awards, solo performance awards and individual exams to mark their achievements at the end of each level of study. Upon completion the student will receive a medal and certificate which can contribute to UCAS points.

  • RAD Vocational Grades, Pointe Work and Pre-Vocational Classes

    Age 11+

    Students will be assessed for their suitability in studying the RAD Vocational Grades and pointe work on a case by case basis.

    The vocational training system is designed for students who show potential for pursuing a career in dance. The syllabus provides an in-depth study of classical and modern ballet to prepare students for a career in dance. The vocational examinations also include a pointe work section for female dancers.

    Once students have achieved a sufficiently high level of technique they can be entered for their vocational exams which will be taken at RAD Headquarters in Battersea. These exams translate into UCAS points.

  • Contemporary Dance

    Age 6+

    As well as our ballet classes we our now offer contemporary dance (modern) lessons. Contemporary dance is a diverse dance form with many strands and styles within it, taking influence from ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern but with a focus on creativity, breath, and freedom of movement. The children will learn exercises and routines accompanied by a range of music/percussion styles and themes. Contemporary and Ballet are styles that stand alone but also complement each other beautifully!  

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